Originally from Clermont-Ferrand, I started my musical apprenticeship with the piano at the age of four. A few years later, I started the violin in my school before following the curriculum of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional (CRR) of Clermont-Ferrand in the class of Hélène Friberg-Chenot. I continued my studies at the CRR de Lyon with Nathalie Geoffray-Canavesio, in the DEM and advanced cycle.


During all those years, I was introduced to orchestral work at Clermont-Ferrand thanks to the Passacaille ensemble and the Sostenuto orchestra, both conducted by Takashi Kondo. In Lyon, I followed Jean Lenert's "Formation aux métiers d'orchestre" for three years. Member of the Rosace quartet, I had masterclasses with the Debussy and Penderecki quartets.  


Since 2015, I study in Belgium. In 2018 I obtain my Bachelor in Namur in the class of Marc Danel and in June 2020 my Master Degree at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in the class of Alissa Margulis. During my career, I participate in the national youth orchestras of France (OFJ) and the Netherlands (NJO). I also have the chance to occasionally join professional orchestras as part of internships (Operas of Liège and Antwerp), or as an additional (Mannheimer Philharmoniker in Germany). During the summer of 2019, I went to Canada for two months as a member of the Académie de l'Orchestre de la Francophonie in Montreal.  


Pedagogy has always been part of my activity. In Lyon, I was a professor of music for children with the Mélopie method, and in Namur violin teacher in the ASBL "Les ateliers musicalaux" and "Les jardins des sons". From October 2020, I am teaching éveil musical for young children in "Les mots passants" in Antwerp.