"The work of the violinist commits him well beyond the technique, towards a realization of himself"

Dominique Hoppenot, Le violon intérieur .

Teaching and performing are for me two linked activities, one influencing the other.


It is possible to start the violin at any age, provided that you practice it regularly. I also always teach music theory as a supplement, because I think that being able to read a score makes the playing easier. 


It is important to find the most comfortable position to hold the instrument. Posture is essential to the violin to prevent possible pain and let the sound be as beautiful and natural as possible. To make it possible, I look with each person what suits him best, because each person has his own morphology. The practice of yoga, for example, helps me a lot in my daily practice. I am also interested in breathing, and active listening (perfecting your intonation and playing by listening).


I bring all the partitions that are needed in class, and I also put them online for students. If you like a piece, you can talk to me about it during class and I will look for the score for you. I also keep my students informed of the concerts or artistic performances that take place on the Antwerp scene, to cultivate everyone's curiosity!


I move to give lessons at home, in Antwerp.