Sei solo

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Sei Solo is an invitation to the movement and its link with music. A few string players and two dancers collaborate to understand how music influences dance and how dance influences music.


They improvise and perform on Bach music, more specifically on two movements of the 3rd Sonata for Solo Violin, arranged for the group. First, following the score, the dancers fit to the voices but the harmony does not last for ever. Then, a new approach of their links can start. 


The audience travels from harmony to chaos, both magnified by different atmospheres. As suggested by the original title given by Bach for this piece, the cohesion of the group might only be an illusion. ("Sei solo" means " You are alone " in Italian )


This performance is presented on the impulse of Noémie Saintandré, Amalia Guis, Elliott Minogue-Stone, and Amèle Metlini.